Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Instant buzz for affiliates!

Hi buddy affiliates,

Once again I've found a excellent free way to drive visitors to you your site,

It's called instant buzzInstant Buzz and it appears to be a legitimate way to generate free traffic.

When you sign up, you're presented with the chance to install a toolbar.

Once it is installed, you earn traffic whenever you visit a site.

For each visit, you get a tenth of a credit.

When you've earned ten credits you get one view.

That's the first drawback, in my opinion. You should earn more credit for visiting sites - in many manual surf programs, you can get up to a two to one ration, meaning that when you visit two sites, you get one visit. But what it makes up for in manual credit earning ability here, it makes up for in the hyperspace ad credits. You get the same amount of credits, but now you're getting them whenever somone visits your site - now that's hands off., which I like.

You can only join here if you are invited by a current member.

But luckily i'm a member so if you want an invite just email me and I will send you one!

email: affiliateking@msn.com

Ian Mcintosh

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A great way to start

For anyone out there looking for ways to get free traffic to their website stay tuned as over the next few day's I will be searching the net looking for ways to get the visitors you need.

To start off with i'd like to tell you about Trafficswarm which is a free to join program which delivers targeted traffic to your website, i've been a member of trafficswarm for over a year now and it has produced great results for me since day one.

You get to choose which type of visitors you want by choosing which catagory your site falls into which makes each visitor targeted.

You also have the ablilty to upgrade and get even more benifits.

Check it out


Ian McIntosh